Why CCTV is a must have for a new business.

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Right off the bat, the simple answer is that CCTV is a must have for a new business because of the protection it can offer. It is no secret that businesses are often the target for criminals and thieves alike as your business looks to them as a weekend of peace looks to us; heavenly.

For most people their business is their most valuable asset, and when that is damaged it can have a catastrophic effect on every single aspect of their lives. However, if somebody wants to damage your business, there is no sure way to stop them but, you can catch them and make them pay (literally). If things did go awry somewhere within the business premises, in most cases, a high spec, top notch CCTV security system will give you all the evidence you need to get things back on track.

‘Make sure your CCTV is operational, provides facial recognition as well as good quality images and covers any vulnerable areas. 24-hour digital CCTV is also highly recommended.’ -Metropolitan Police

In 2014, The Evening Standard reported that ‘High Street Blues, revealed there were 28,889 reported robberies and thefts, including shoplifting, against London’s businesses — the equivalent of 80 every day.’ along with the ‘Met police data, finding that 94 per cent of shop owners had been affected by crime in the past year.’

These statistics are unarguably shocking and quite frankly scary, but they are a lesson to us all, we must protect what is ours as best as we can. If somebody wants to break into our business premises and violate our time, money and passion, then we must be sure to have the appropriate security system that will provide the evidence so we can catch the thief and send them to a place where they will want to break out of.