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Rural Crime on the Rise

Here at Northwest Security, we have many different options that are available when it comes to protecting you, your family and your agricultural assets and after a recent rise in rural crime, we feel it is necessary to bring the topic to light.  

A recent NFU Mutual report found that Rural crime cost UK farms more than £42 million in 2015. As well as the cost of having to replace equipment, for small farms losing pieces of kit can have serious impacts on their productivity and ultimately their bottom line.’ -(Stocks, 2017)  

Cost of UK rural crime in 2016 

  • England £33.8m 
  • Northern Ireland £2.5m 
  • Scotland £1.6m 
  • Wales £1.3m 

Source: NFU Mutual 2017 

Featured on the BBC News and on the BBC News website (14/08/17), the report sheds light on an issue that many people outside of the industry fail to notice.  

Speaking to the BBC ‘Tim Price from the insurers said: “Countryside criminals are becoming more brazen and our annual survey of attitudes indicates that many farmers now feel under siege. Across the country they’re turning their farmyards into fortresses to protect their homes, families and property.” 

‘Some farmers were “turning their backs on farming altogether” due to crime, added Mr. Price.’  Below are NFU Mutual’s top 5 tips on how to protect your farm;  

  • ‘Tips for protecting your farm; 
  •  Use SmartWater to identify your property 
  •  Fit heavy-duty padlocks to outbuildings 
  •  Make sure hinges and latches are bolted from the inside – not screwed – so they can’t be removed 
  •  Don’t leave items on view 
  •  Keep external gates locked 
  •  Consider outside security lighting and CCTV 
  •  Display signs which advertise your security measures’  

The annual rural crime report was based on claims data from more than 300 NFU Mutual branches. 





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What is a Starlight Camera?

New levels of security to transportation, retail and parking management with the introduction of the Starlight Series Cameras.

Outstanding performance 
As the name implies, starlight series camera is an ideal device for low light condition monitoring with its 0.005Lux/ F1.65 (Color) of light- illumination. The camera features 2-megapixel, 1/1.9”progressivescan CMOS image sensor for capturing full color images, as well as supports up to maximum 50/60fps@1080P encoding. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) features 120dB and offers high performance in extremely bright, dark areas or in backlight.

Moreover, Dahua in-house Smart Scene Adaptive (SSA) supports automatic switchover between different scenes, enabling users to experience the cameras’ excellent low light performance. To speak of PTZ Dome Camera, the IR distance of DH-SD6AL230F-HNI is up to 500 meters and its IP67 provides more high-level of water- and dust-proof capabilities.

Smart features
Starlight series camera not only shows excellent performance in difficult lighting conditions but also features a wide range of smart detections such as tamper detection, smart video detection and intelligent analysis. Tamper detection can be subdivided into video mask detection, defocus detection and scene change detection. Smart video detection includes tripwire detection and intrusion detection. Its image analysis function provides an integrated and simple way to perform analysis on the images.

Furthermore, the starlight cameras support people counting and heat map. Heat maps enable users to identify the hot spots and dead areas in the low light. As for PTZ Dome Camera, it supports automatic tracking which can be activated manually or by scheduling. Smart detections give users the confidence to securely protect their property day & night.

Dahua Starlight series camera can go perfectly with multi-brand NVRs via ONVIF Profile S. Meanwhile with Dahua super 4K NVR, NVR608-128-4K, it offers max 18-channel IP cameras inputs and its incoming bandwidth is up to 384Mbps. And it supports 12 megapixel resolution preview and playback.

Dahua Starlight series features a cost-effective, flexible and future-proof solution for poor low lighting conditions.

startlight cameras


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Why CCTV is a must have for a new business.


Right off the bat, the simple answer is that CCTV is a must have for a new business because of the protection it can offer. It is no secret that businesses are often the target for criminals and thieves alike as your business looks to them as a weekend of peace looks to us; heavenly.

For most people their business is their most valuable asset, and when that is damaged it can have a catastrophic effect on every single aspect of their lives. However, if somebody wants to damage your business, there is no sure way to stop them but, you can catch them and make them pay (literally). If things did go awry somewhere within the business premises, in most cases, a high spec, top notch CCTV security system will give you all the evidence you need to get things back on track.

‘Make sure your CCTV is operational, provides facial recognition as well as good quality images and covers any vulnerable areas. 24-hour digital CCTV is also highly recommended.’ -Metropolitan Police

In 2014, The Evening Standard reported that ‘High Street Blues, revealed there were 28,889 reported robberies and thefts, including shoplifting, against London’s businesses — the equivalent of 80 every day.’ along with the ‘Met police data, finding that 94 per cent of shop owners had been affected by crime in the past year.’

These statistics are unarguably shocking and quite frankly scary, but they are a lesson to us all, we must protect what is ours as best as we can. If somebody wants to break into our business premises and violate our time, money and passion, then we must be sure to have the appropriate security system that will provide the evidence so we can catch the thief and send them to a place where they will want to break out of.

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Does your camera need that extra protection?

Take a look at our brand new range of CCTV camera cages! Available in a range of sizes to suit your camera, our CCTV Camera cages are essential for that extra piece of mind. Providing extra protection for your camera, the cage encases the CCTV camera without restricting or obstructing the cameras view.

Get A CCTV Installation

As  UK leaders in CCTV installation, Northwest security are offering high quality CCTV products and industry leading support.

Here, at Northwest security, we aim to please.  We will not only sell you a top-of-the-range CCTV products but, we will install them for you at a great price too!


Nothing is too large or small for our CCTV team

Whether it is a big commercial building or if it's just the humble home, our team will be more than happy to help.

Get a free quote today to get this system installed by our trained engineers.

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Dash Cams

Many car insurance companies lower the cost of car insurance for young drivers who have a fitted black box, but did you know further money could be saved with the additional fitting and usage of a Dash cam?
A Dash Cam is perfect to help new drivers become confident in their driving. When they have a Dash Cam fitted, they can be safe in the knowledge that if they have a unfortunate bump that was not their fault , it would all have been recorded and will enable them to protest their innocence.
Here, at Northwest Security , we understand the need to feel secure. So, for a short period of time only we are reducing the price on a selection of our high quality Dash Cams!
So click the link below to visit our shop take advantage of our great offer and to browse all of our other high quality products.

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Which CCTV camera right is for you?

Like most things, there is a wide variety of CCTV cameras available. However, while choice is good, this can make CCTV camera shopping a little tricky.

The best CCTV camera for you will depend on your situation and what you require from your CCTV camera system; How many CCTV cameras do you need? Will the CCTV camera be inside or will it be mounted outside?

These are all important decisions that must be taken into account before the purchase of any CCTV system and we can help you in two ways. You can either give us a call on 01519092187 or you can read our helpful guide below.

Here is Northwest Security’s useful introduction to CCTV cameras.

What are the different camera types?

There are two different camera types; analogue and digital. Analogue cameras use CCD sensors, which is based on television technology while digital cameras use CMOS sensors, which also has the software required embedded in the camera.

What models are available?

There are 6 typical models that are usually used;

Body Cameras
Body camera is the standard design for CCTV. It is a rectangle unit with a lens at one end and power/connectors at the other end. Body CCTV Camera from Northwest Security
Bullet Camera
A bullet camera is the later design of a Body Camera, It is a silver or aluminium tubular shaped camera with a lens at one end at the power/connector at the other end. Bullet Camera from Northwest Security
Dome Camera
Dome Cameras are more visually pleasing and can be subtler. The camera is encased in a black or white dome and can be fitted flush against the ceiling or wall. Dome Camera from Northwest Security
PTZ Cameras
PTZ (pan tilt zoom) cameras are generally fixed in higher, discrete places as they have the ability to zoom in extensively. This camera is usually seen in shopping centres etc. and they are motorised, enabling them to swivel around and look up and down. Often these movements can be scheduled but they can be remotely controlled too. Some of the latest modules have the ability of facial recognition and can capture number plates. PTZ Camera from Northwest Security
IR Cameras

IR (infrared) cameras are usually built into the bullet or dome design. The camera will have LED’s surrounding the lens which produce an infrared beam that enables cameras to pick up things in low light conditions. This option of camera does not require the use extra security lighting.


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