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Northwest Security are proud to offer you a range of security and alarm systems from Risco Group.
Professional Installers and System Integrators from across the globe choose RISCO Group’s diverse, high quality and aesthetically designed range of security systems, detectors and accessories for their residential and commercial installations just like us.

We are able to offers a wide variety of products designed for the homeowner, residential market and commercial, including security systems, detectors and accessories.
The Agility™ 3 two-way wireless security system is designed for residential and small commercial environments, and offers users visual verification which works in conjunction with its Smartphone app (also available as a web app for PC).

Users can view real-time images taken inside their homes with the purchase and installation of eyeWAVE™ PIR camera detectors. The app can also be used to control the Agility™ 3 system remotely including remote arming and disarming of the system, checking the status of the detectors as well as viewing a history of events.
The LightSYS™ hybrid system is designed for small commercial and residential markets and is RISCO Group’s flexible system, supporting wireless, wired , hybrid and RISCO Bus installations (up to 32 zones) and also supporting communication through Plug-in IP, GSM/GPRS modules in addition to the standard PSTN communication.

A large choice of detectors, sounders and safety products are also produced by RISCO Group for the residential market. These include the popular BWare™ iWISE®, and eyeWAVE™ detector series, a choice of wireless and wired barrier beams in different sizes, magnetic contacts, wired and wireless sounders in a choice of colours and shapes for all markets and a large selection of safety accessories which safeguard against smoke, flood and gases as well as panic bands for elderly care.

We only supply and install trusted world leading manufacturers, RISCO Group takes pride in providing the whole gamut of security solutions for you.

We here at Northwest Security aim to provide you with the latest products and services in CCTV, Alarm and Home Automation.

However, as we are continuously adding fantastic new products to our site, our current content/products may not be fully up-to date. So, If you feel you can’t find any items and/or information you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Showing 1–20 of 23 results