VDP Range
IP Video Door Entry Control Systems, Intercoms for homes, apartments, business or office units.
Door entry control systems or VDP are ideal for homes, residential apartments and small / medium office. Our range includes simple Plug & Play cameras, touch screen systems and modular units for larger installations.
We offer a range of Wired and Wireless door entry systems.
Our modular range consists of 3 modules (Camera, 3 button & Keypad), 4 module mounts and 2 front panels. This allows for full flexibility when installing a Video Entry Systems.

Why choose Dahua Video Door Entry Control?

Northwest Security work very closely with Dahua to offer you a range VDP (Video Door Phone) products. Video door-phone (also known as video door entry or video intercom) is a  intercom system used to manage calls made at the entrance to a building (residential complex, detached family home, workplace, office blocks etc.) with access controlled by Dahua between the inside and outside. The main feature of video door entry is that it enables the person indoors to identify the visitor and, if (and only if) they wish, engage in conversation and/or open the door to allow access to the person calling.

We offer a user friendly and flexible solution for networked access control, from standalone domestic units to fully integrated building management. Simple to install with a wide range of features and benefits the range includes an option for every type of customer and installation. We have a specialist installation team in place to take the stress from you.

Features & Management

Dahua VDP (Video Door Phone) product management offers integration with Dahua Smart PSS software. Networked modules can be setup, adjusted, monitor calls and send & receive alarm information.

Central control & flexibility
PC control
Software included
Smart PSS integration is ideal for receptions and security offices

Integration with Smart PSS also means the system can be integrated with Dahua CCTV systems. Footage can be viewed from any networked CCTV cameras or VDP products anywhere on site. This gives the installer and user the flexibility to setup, manage and control CCTV and VPD products using one interface.

Where can they be used?

This range of Dahua VDP products offer a high degree of usage flexibility, meaning that they can be applied to a wide range of installations. Our standalone units offer a single entry camera module which can be connected to multiple monitors. These systems are ideal for domestic use. Our modular range offer the flexibility required for larger, commercial installation such as residential apartment blocks and business premises. These may require multiple entrances, keypad entry or security management control. Dahua VDP products are suitable for (including private access in public areas):

Office blocks
Train stations
Sports arenas

The Home range is ideal for domestic use providing a highly functional but easy to use home security system. With several options available there is a variety of choice for every customer. Speak to our specialist installation team today and let them design, install, setup commission and maintain your new Door Entry Control System.

We here at Northwest Security aim to provide you with the latest products and services in CCTV, Alarm and Home Automation.

However, as we are continuously adding fantastic new products to our site, our current content/products may not be fully up-to date. So, If you feel you can’t find any items and/or information you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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