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Here at Northwest Security we believe in giving you the best possible service so, we have took the time to put together some useful Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), tips, guides and real life experiences to help you make the right decision.
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Do you have a shop I can come visit?

No, we are an online CCTV shop and installation company but we can always come out to demonstrate our CCTV and security systems to you. You can buy from  a full range of CCTV and Security products from our online store here.

Can I just buy the cameras and recorders from you and install them myself?

Yes you can buy any of our products from our online shop and you can install them yourself. If you are not sure what you are doing you can always give us a call and we can guide you through an installation or if you would like our trained installation team to install your CCTV Security System for you get it contact for a Free Quote.

Can you upgrade my current camera system?

Yes, we can always  offer you a new CCTV System, even if you didn’t buy the first one from us. We have many options when it comes to upgrading a current CCTV Camera system so get in touch to find out more.

I own my own business, can you install CCTV in to my shop / unit?

We offer our security service to all domestic and commercial properties.

What areas of the UK do you install in?

If you are looking for a CCTV installation we can cover the whole of the UK but we mostly cover West Yorkshire, Huddersfield plus all surrounding areas but we do also cover Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire, Manchester, greater Manchester.

Can I pay monthly for a camera system from you?

We can offer a finance option on larger installations that cost over £1000.  Terms and conditions apply, please contact us for more information.

What warranty do you offer?

With all of our CCTV installations we give you a complete 3 year warranty, most of our items and installations also come with a 3 year advance replacement service. This means if you have any problems with the products or installation we will replace it at no extra cost. Terms and Conditions apply read more.

Whats the difference between and IP cameras and HDCVI cameras?

The first difference in HDCVI cameras to IP network cameras you would notice is the type of connection, IP cameras use a RJ45 network connectors, whereas HDCVI cameras use a BNC coaxial connectors for video. All our cameras in the IP range have PoE (power over Ethernet) this removed the need to run a power cable alongside coax cable or to have local power at the camera. One huge benefit of switching to IP network cameras is the picture quality, with HDCVI you can only have a maximum of 2 megapixel (1080P HD) but with an IP camera system you can currently have up to 12 megapixels 4K UHD (4000p Ultra High Definition).

Not got the answer to your question?

Please do get in touch with us


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