Agility 3 kit


Agility 3 elegantly combines state-of-the-art video verification and Smartphone apps when used with the PIR Camera, with advanced wireless security and safety features.

Each Kit comes with a wireless Keypad, 2 x Prox Key Tags



Risco Group Logo with Northwest Security

Agility from Risco incorporates advanced 2-Way wireless technology and offers a uniquely flexible solution for the growing residential and commercial markets where conventional intrusion panels are no longer sufficient.

Flexible communication with a selection of communication paths – Additional TCP/IP & GSM modules can be fitted – All housed within the main enclosure.


Main Panel Features:

  • Dual-Core Wireless provides two simultaneous 2-way wireless channels with separate antennas – one for alarm, control and diagnostic signals, a second for video image reception
  • SIA-IP support provides a protocol for enhanced communication with monitoring stations
  • Digital Voice Module for enhanced voice quality
  • Multi-lingual support for voice and keypad display
  • EN Grade 2 compliant
  • 2-Way Wireless RKP c/w prox – Up to 3 may be added
  • 32 Wireless Zones
  • 3 Partitions
  • Adaptive menu tree displays only the relevant options according to the installed hardware and code authorization level
  • Easy firmware upgrade with flash memory
  • Easy Learn Function for Wireless Accessories
  • Advanced PC Configuration Software for remote or on-site configuration/programming
  • Program transfer module for configuration storage can be used
  • 2-Way Audio via ARC or Dial-In (Mic/Speaker in the main unit – Can have external Mic/Speaker unit connected)
  • Master code + 31 User codes
  • 3 x Macro key function (automated key presses)
  • 500 Event log
  • Follow Me feature – 16 Phone Numbers/Email Addresses
  • Additional Input/Output Module can give 4x Inputs, 4-Outputs and an X10 port for home automation
  • Auto System clock update via TCP/IP Module
  • Can also include the unique 2-Way Wireless (8-Button) Remote Fob with PIN code protection and system status LED.