Philips Hue tap switch


  • Recall your favourite Philips Hue scenes
  • Place it anywhere
  • Powered by your touch – no batteries
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Philips Hue Wireless Lighting


The world’s first wireless smart switch that controls your Philips Hue lights, powered by your touch.

Recall your favourite Philips Hue scenes
You can preset your 4 favourite Philips Hue light settings in Philips Hue tap switch. Select a scene you have created yourself, one of the scenes that Philips has created for you, or program a button to switch all lights off. It’s all up to you.

Place it anywhere
Philips Hue tap switch can be used as a normal wall switch. You can place it anywhere you want, using screws or the adhesive tape on the back plate of the switch.

Use as a remote control
You can also use Philips Hue tap switch as a remote control for your comfort.

Powered by your touch – no batteries
Philips Hue tap uses kinetic energy and is powered by your touch. So no batteries needed.


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