Nest Hello (Due 2018)

The new Nest Hello video doorbell lets you know who’s knocking from anywhere, so you’ll never miss a visitor or a parcel.

Know who’s knocking.

  • HD video, person alerts, HD Talk and listen.
  • HD video delivers bright, crisp images day or night.
  • Smart enough to detect a person, then alert you even if they don’t ring.
  • HD Talk and Listen makes sure visitors come through loud and clear.

The Nest Hello video doorbell is coming in 2018

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Nest Hello
The front door is an important part of a your home. It’s the thing that separates ‘in here’ from ‘out there’. It’s where you get your parcels. Where you wave goodbye to family and say hello to guests. And it’s what keeps unwelcome visitors out

Nest Hello - Smart Door Bell.


Your front door is a special place. It’s the thing that separates your home from the outside world. It’s where you watch your children come home from school. Where you greet friends. Where parcels pile up before Christmas. And it’s the first place burglars go to try to get into your home.

You want to do everything you can to protect this space. And keep unwelcome visitors out. So today, we’re re-imagining another unloved thing around the house – the doorbell.

Meet the Nest Hello video doorbell, available in the first quarter of 2018. It combines the convenience of a video doorbell with the image quality and intelligence of a Nest Cam.

Nest Hello is designed for what happens at the front door. You need to be able to see people head to toe at close range, as well as parcels on the ground. So Nest Hello’s HD camera has a 160° field of view and a 4:3 aspect ratio.

You also want to know who’s there, even when you’re not at home or it’s dark outside. That’s why Nest Hello has 24/7 live streaming, HDR imaging and Night Vision to give you a clear view.

If there’s one thing that’s consistent about burglars, it’s that they don’t announce themselves. Not a problem with Nest Hello. It can light up and send you an alert when someone approaches, even if they don’t ring the bell. And if you subscribe to Nest Aware, Nest Hello can tell you exactly who’s there with familiar face alerts.

Nest Hello also has HD Talk and listen. So you can answer the door, whether you’re at home or not. And you can use pre-recorded quick responses to play a voice message for visitors with a tap of your finger. It’s perfect for when you’re in a meeting but don’t want to miss an important delivery at home. Simply tap the quick response that says, ‘You can leave it. Thanks!’


With 24/7 live streaming and a 3-hour snapshot history, HDR, Night Vision, and a built-in speaker and mic, Nest Hello combines the convenience of a video doorbell with the intelligence of a Nest Cam. So you can receive an alert and talk to visitors, even if no one’s at home.* And it replaces your existing wired doorbell – so you don’t have to worry about dead batteries. It’s also weatherproof, so it can withstand rain and snow. Nest Hello is more than just a doorbell, it’s a way of modern life.

Nest Hello is coming next year

We’ll let you know when Nest Hello is available for purchase. Looking forward to sharing more with you.


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Q: How does the Nest Learning Thermostat learn?
— Asked by a customer on 23rd November 2017
A: Nest uses Nest Sense (a combination of algorithms and temperature, humidity and activity sensors) to learn schedules and to customize energy saving features for your home. During the first week or so, each manual temperature change will contribute to Nest’s schedule. After that, Nest will only learn from patterns of similar changes. Throughout the first week, Nest’s energy saving features (Eco temperature, Time to Temperature, and the Nest Leaf) will appear.
Q: How does Nest Learning Thermostat control hot water?
— Asked by a customer on 23rd November 2017
A: The Nest Thermostat allows you to set a hot water schedule. It also takes advantage of energy-saving features like Eco temperature. If you need to make adjustments, you can change your hot water schedule or activate boost mode.
Q: What are Safety Temperatures and how do they work?
— Asked by a customer on 25th November 2017
A: If the room temperature drops below the set Safety Temperature, your Nest Thermostat will automatically start heating. It will also send a notification in your Nest app. Once the room temperatures return to normal, you'll receive another notification.
Q: How does Bacteria Prevention work?
— Asked by a customer on 25th November 2017
A: Bacteria Prevention activates if your water hasn’t been heated for a 2-hour period in the last two-days. It is designed to kill Legionella bacteria, which can cause a deadly form of pnuemonia.
Q: Which systems are compatible with the Nest Learning Thermostat?
— Asked by a customer on 25th November 2017
A: The Nest Learning Thermostat is compatible with almost all central heating systems, including combi boilers, System and heat-only boilers, linked domestic hot water tanks, hydronic underfloor systems, air-source and ground-source heat only heat pumps, zoned systems, OpenTherm systems, and district heating with an electrical control valve.
Q: Can I use the Nest Learning Thermostat without Wi-Fi?
— Asked by a customer on 25th November 2017
A: All of Nest's core learning and energy saving features works without Wi-Fi, although certain features—like remote control, weather, and automatic software updates—do require Wi-Fi.
Q: Does the Nest Learning Thermostat work with zoned systems?
— Asked by a customer on 25th November 2017
A: Yes, Nest supports zoned systems. Each zone will need its own Nest Thermostat and Heat Link. Each Heat Link will connect each zone valve, either directly or via a junction box. If you have multiple zones, you can replace all of your old thermostats with Nest Thermostats or you can replace just one to try it out.
Q: Is Farsight available on previous versions of the Nest Learning Thermostat?
— Asked by a customer on 25th November 2017
A: No, Farsight is available on 3rd gen Nest Thermostats. The 3rd generation Nest thermostat has improved near- and far-field sensors and the larger high-res screen required to use Farsight.
Q: Can I lock the Nest Learning Thermostat?
— Asked by a customer on 26th November 2017
A: With Thermostat Lock, you can lock the range of temperatures to which Nest Thermostat can be adjusted. Thermostat Lock can be activated using a 4 digit pin number once it’s been added to your Nest Account.
Q: Does the previous version of the Nest Stand work with the 3rd generation Nest Thermostat?
— Asked by a customer on 26th November 2017
A: No, The Stand was redesigned to fit the improved base of the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat. It is not compatible with the 2nd generation Nest Thermostat.
Q: Will the Nest Learning Thermostat work in an office or a small business?
— Asked by a customer on 26th November 2017
A: Yes. To use the Nest Learning Thermostat in an office or small business, select “business” during the set up interview. By using these settings, the Nest Learning Thermostat can activate Eco temperature at times it wouldn't when installed in a home.
Q: Now that Google owns Nest, does Nest tell Google when I’m home?
— Asked by a customer on 26th November 2017
A: No. Nest accounts and Google accounts are not cross-referenced or linked. There is a Works with Nest integration from Google. But, like all Works with Nest integrations, it’s entirely up to you if you want to turn this on. We will only share the information necessary to make things work, and only with your permission.
Q: Does Nest sell the data that it collects from my home?
— Asked by a customer on 26th November 2017
A: No. Nest is not in the business of selling data. Google does not sell Nest data either. They don't have access to it.

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