Risco Smart Home Gateway


  • A professional security system that combines video monitoring.
  • Energy Management for smart temperature control.
  • Smart Access of door locks and garage doors.
  • Control of lighting, shutters and appliances.
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Get on board with the RISCO Smart Home, a fully integrated home management solution for the ultimate streamlined lifestyle. It’s a winning offer that gives homeowners convenient comfort along with cutting edge technology.


A Digital Life, at Your Fingertips

You can automate your daily routine by customizing a range of life and security scenarios – all from a single intuitive interface on your smartphone app! Here are some examples of the endless possibilities available via the RISCO Smart Home:

Manual Activation

  •  “Leaving Home” – You can combine a range of automatic actions for when you leave the house in the morning, including turning off the lights, arming the system, and managing climate control – all from the touch of a button on your smartphone app!
  • “Coming Home” – Come home to instant ease with a single click to disarm the security system, open the garage door, and turn on the heat and lighting.

Scheduled Activation

  • “Wake Up” – You can prede ne daily events according to your routine, waking up in the morning to a Smart Home that automatically disarms the security system, brews coffee and opens the shades to let in the sunshine.
  • “Vacation Mode” – Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean your security system is. The Smart Home can be set to mimic regular activity – such as turning on/ off the lights and shades – when you’re away on vacation, to dissuade potential burglars from entering

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