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What is a deep base and a junction box?

Deep base

A deep base is a base that hides the wires of your CCTV camera as well as acting as a mount for your CCTV camera. Typically, deep bases are used when installing dome cameras as the camera sits nicely on top of the deep base and the circular shape allows the camera to move more freely, enabling better coverage. Deep bases are usually waterproof too, so as well as a deep base subtly creating a tidy finish to a CCTV camera, the deep base also helps to protect its wires from the elements. Deep bases are suitable to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Junction box

Junction boxes are already commonly used for hiding electrical wires and connectors. Just like the Deep base, the function is to protect and hide away unsightly cables that run from your camera, but unlike the deep base, cameras are not recommended to be mounted on top of the typically plastic junction box.
The difference between a IP65 Box and a Deep Base from Northwest Security