Multi-Sensor Network Cameras

Dahua panoramic multi-sensor cameras combine up to eight 2MP sensors working in tandem plus a high-speed PTZ camera to create a comprehensive 180°/360° view. With its all-in-one design, the camera provides a panorama and region of interest details at the same time. In addition, they include Dahua Intelligent Video System (IVS), a built-in video analytic algorithm that delivers intelligent functions to monitor a scene for Tripwire violations, intrusion detection and smart tracking. A camera with IVS quickly and accurately responds to monitoring events in a specific area. These cameras can replace multiple single-sensor cameras providing a higher return on investment.

Features & Benefits


Panoramic cameras provide 180°/360° full range video scene. Dahua provides two kinds of panoramic camera, both of them can offer 180° & 360° panoramic image. Through working together, 2MP sensor & PTZ camera offer whole scene and region details at the same time. It provides new surveillance experience to end user and improved the surveillance quality.

Starlight Technology

Featuring Dahua Starlight Technology, panoramic cameras are ideal for applications with challenging light conditions. Its low light performance delivers usable video with minimal ambient light. Even in extreme low light conditions, Starlight Technology is capable of delivering colour images in nearly complete darkness.

Smart H.265+

Delivering high quality video without straining the network, Smart H.265+ is the optimized implementation of H.265. Smart H.265+ encoding technology includes a scene adaptive encoding strategy, dynamic GOP, dynamic ROI, flexible multi-frame reference structure and intelligent noise reduction, providing saving of up to 70% of bandwidth and storage when compared with standard H.265.

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