Are you looking for an Intruder Alarm installer?

The Northwest Security Installation team are here to help! We provide and install a range of high-quality Intruder Alarms that are suitable for use on commercial and residential properties.

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If you’re looking for Intruder Alarm installers, then you are in the right place!

  • We provide you with the latest and up to date security equipment available today.
  • A range of wired and wireless security systems that we can install in and outside your property.
  • We offer a no mess installation with our Wireless alarm systems.
  • Smart Intruder Alarm systems, Control your alarm system while on the move with our smartphone app.
  • Motion (PIR) detectors that include an integrated camera for visual verification inside the home or office.
  • Not only do we protect your property from intruders, but we can also protect you in other ways with our range of accessories such as wireless panic buttons, flood detectors, Fire Detectors and more.
  • All our Intruder Alarm systems we offer can be linked to our Alarm Receiving Centre to obtain a police response
  • As you would expect with any professional alarm installation company, We offer you a full warranty with our installations and the option to add extra protection.
  • Already have an Alarm system installed? we offer repairs, maintenance and upgrades too.

Did you know…
We also offer CCTV and Smart Home Automation installations as well?

As UK leaders in professional security systems, Northwest security is proud to be offering high-quality intruder alarms and home automation systems with the support of industry-leading experts.