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Empty Building Security

Derelict building

We understand that the renovation of a building in any capacity can often lead to extended periods of time where the building is left unoccupied.

However, we have recognised that the issue with leaving a building un-occupied leaves the building extremely vulnerable to targeted attacks such as arson, theft and vandalism. However, with simple security measures such as flood lighting, CCTV, Fire and flood detectors in place, the risk of criminal violation can be reduced significantly.

Technology can be integrated on site and viewed remotely to help keep your building safe and secure from those around it even if your property has no internet or power thanks to portable internet devices and power outlets.

As reported in the Huddersfield Examiner, “Kirklees sits at the top end of 276 councils across the UK with high numbers of empty properties – totalling more than 214,000 nationally. There are 2,113 in the borough. Of these, 722 have been empty for two years or more, 270 for five years or more and 117 for at least 10 years”.

Within another report made by Health and Safety International, it is stated that as a property owner you should implement your duty of care to your property, your investment and your own peace of mind by reducing risk, preventing problems and protecting your property.

Alongside the use of obvious protection that can act as deterrents to would be criminals, It is also advised to always communicate with neighbours and local services, such as police, fire and local council, to inform them that the property is vacant. Always organise a regular schedule of inspection and checking, to be carried out by yourself or by a trusted person, preferably a professional.

To help keep your property safe, Northwest security are proud to offer a great range of products from the top brands when it comes to security.

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The Attractive Capability of Connectivity


When Technology and Home intertwine… 

 Life, for most people, is moderately mundane. It is busy and constant and it is not uncommon for important things, such as switching the landing light off, to fly right above our heads in the suddenly rushed moments that everyday life seemingly gifts us with each morning.  

 If you often find yourself thinking, in the midst of rushing out of the door, that you wish things could just get ‘done’ without all the fuss and hassle that these small, forgotten about, household duties often cause, then you are in luck; the modern era has provided a solution for us all; Home automation.  

 From sensible smart security such as home CCTV, smart door bells and home alarm systems, to the thrilling smart lighting, smart hoovers and hidden smart sound systems; the smarter your home the smarter your life becomes.  

 Picture it; you wake up in the morning. Outside the window isn’t a very inspiring sight, its grey, damp and dull.  Now you walk to the kitchen, straight past the smart vacuum that has just got to work in the hallway. As you walk past it, the overhead light gradually turns on. It isn’t dull and it doesn’t remind you of a bulb that needs replacing; it’s a soft bright glow that isn’t too glaring but is comfortingly bright. The central heating is already switched on, but it hasn’t cost you the earth because it hasn’t been on and off all night. You’re listening to the radio that’s just turned on at your touch of the glossy touch-pad situated on the wall. Just as you do that, the coffee machine simultaneously heats up and pours you your morning poison and now you’re sipping a nice steamy, hot mug of coffee in a warm, brightly lit room that is helping encourage the best start to your day.  

morning coffee

 Now stop picturing it. Think back to your own morning this morning and ponder on what could help make your morning a better morning.  

 Would it be a complete control system that would connect to devices such as a nest thermostat to help heat the house to your optimal temperature at the perfect price? Or how about some Phillips hue smart bulbs that can be scheduled to sync in with your alarm clock, giving you that realistic mimic of a natural awakening?  

 Whatever the desire may be, you can be almost certain that there is a smart home device out their that will be ready to help ease the little stresses of everyday life at the swipe, touch or scheduling of a button.  


So why not be smart and start your smart home journey here by discovering what Smart home device we here at Northwest Security can offer you.

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How to Smarten Up Your Home On A Budget

smart home

It has never been so easy to be so affordably Eco-friendly and sustainable when it comes to running your home.

The Smart phenomenon has been taking the worlds of interior and security by storm over the last 10 years and today it is now easier than ever before to transform your home into an almost self-running haven.

From simple devices that allow you to change the color of a room by voice to sleek doorbells and cameras that allow you to see who is buzzing your front door on your phone, the past 5 years alone have seen multiple technological advances that make our consumer lives that little bit easier.

And while in the past the Smart Home dream seemed only within reach of movie characters, today it is more affordable and accessible than ever before for us mere mortals to get a slice of the convenient pie.

Here a quick glance of 3 most affordable smart home gadgets that will help to really smarten up your home on a budget and save you some hard earned cash.

  1. IKEA smart bulbs (£15+)

After recently switching to only selling LED lighting within their stores, Ikea have since introduced a range of smart bulbs to help change the atmosphere of your home with the touch of a button. You can Dim them, turn them on or off, and switch their glow from warm to cool all from the comfort of a simple app.

“Smart lighting at IKEA is an expandable system you can add on to as your lighting needs change. Our smart lighting range offers wireless LED bulbs, panels, and doors for furniture. “-

Ikea Smart lighting

  1. Amazons’ Alexa (£90 +)

Costing just under £90, Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audio-books, and providing weather, traffic and other real-time information. It can also control several smart devices using itself as a home automation hub, allowing you to voice control your lighting among other cool things. Save time and money by utilizing your voice to organise your life instantly.

amazon eco

  1. Nest learning Thermostat (£150+)

This one is a little pricey, but this is more than just a light color change gimmick. With the Nest Learning Thermostat, you can save real cash on your heating bills! As the smart device quickly learns your routines and user habits it begins to automatically follow that routine, allowing you to come home to a nice warm and cosy space. You can also control this heating device via the smart phone app, just in case you decide to switch up the working week and stop out late. And this little device has the capability to connect to others devices meaning your smart home journey has only begun!



Check out our previous post and discover The Attractive Capability of Connectivity

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LightSYS 2 Is Secured By Design.

secured by design

 LightSYS 2, the only hybrid security system that offers smartphone app control and communication flexibility, is now officially Secured by Design accredited.

Secured by Design is the official UK Police initiative that combines the principles of ‘designing out crime’ with physical security and acknowledgement of relevant quality products and crime prevention projects.

This means that LightSYS 2 can provide additional reassurance as it is currently the only UK intruder alarm system to have the preferred UK police specification.


“Established in 1989, Secured by Design (SBD) is the title for a group of national police projects focusing on the design and security for new and refurbished homes, commercial premises and car parks as well as the acknowledgement of quality security products and crime prevention projects. It supports the principles of ‘designing out crime’ through physical security and processes.

Secured by Design works with the industry and test houses to create high-level security standards, responding to trends in crime, and has given input on a number of key standards. The principles of the scheme have been proven to reduce the risk of crime and the fear of crime.”- Secured by




lightsys2  Benefits & Features

LightSYS 2 is a versatile professional hybrid intrusion system that can be successfully installed in diverse environments from residential to commercial.

LightSYS 2 also offers:

  • Cloud connectivity – use the Smartphone App for easy system control via the RISCO Cloud
  • Easy Installation using RISCO Bus, EOL, Star or wireless – all on one panel
  • Remote service capability via simple configuration software
  • Flexible communication with IP, GSM/GPRS and PSTN – all within the main housing
  • Wide range of compatible RISCO Bus and 2-way wireless devices – now including 2-way wireless
  • keypad and wireless sounder

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Pet friendly CommPact


 A highly cost-effective security system which boasts a professional level of security and offers a wider range of features in comparison to a standard alarm system.  

The latest Risco product features a fully wireless, Wi-Fi enabled system  that offers a quick and easy installation in any location with just a one button, automatic configuration, meaning less mess and inconvenience  to you  when a member of our team comes to complete the install 

This is a complete solution for the home or business and the system also offers a wide range of accessories including motion, magnet, smoke and vibration detectors which all help to provide a whole new layer of security and safety. 


The CommPact system is nothing but a convenience and provides peace of mind for you and your family with the power to protect up to 36 zones! 

CommPact also features a market-leading Smartphone and web app which enables you to retain full control even when on the go, any country, anywhere, anytime. 

There is also an optional live video verification and the system boasts live video on demand when using IP cameras and this new system is also pet friendly, meaning that the alarm can be set even with your beloved pets about!  


To find out more, get in touch today! 


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Why Are Smart Alarms Becoming So Popular?

Smart alarms are here and the future is looking far more secure, simple and well, smart.

The rise of smart technology has been long coming and has been empowering consumers with new forms of control regarding their safety. Consumers can now arm their homes, offices and shops with alarm systems that can be accessed remotely at any time but, more importantly, they can be accessed securely creating a new form of remote self-monitoring that hasn’t been seen before.

There is no question as to whether or not smart alarm systems are on the rise, they are, and this is partly due to their advanced capabilities. However, perhaps their recent steady growth in popularity is also due to the ease of installation they provide. If desired, an engineer can fit a smart alarm system in a far more efficient length of time than ever before.

  We install a range of Intruder and safty alarm systems for business and home in West Yorkshire

Although, if preferred, most standard systems are now simple enough for the consumer to install themselves. Gone are the days when extended lengths of cable had to be drilled through walls and floors. Most modern systems now have a wireless options alongside the choice to have the system wired in.

But, as with most devices these days, the technology within can be complex, so it is always advisable to opt for an engineer to install systems. This is so a professional is at hand to smooth out any hiccups that may occur during the installation and set up process because we all know complexity often hides behind supposed simplicity.

Smart alarm systems also boast the attractive capability of connectivity. This allows the smart alarm system to be connected to other smart devices and systems in the property such as smart doorbells, CCTV, smart lighting, smart thermostats, smart smoke detectors and many, many more. If a smart device is already installed in the same property, there is a very high chance that a smart alarm can connect to it and work with it to help keep the property safe and secure. However, if you’re unsure whether or not your device can connect to another, we have put together a list of brands that embrace cross-brand connections.

 Elderly Care- Accessories for elderly care from Northwest Security

Smart Alarm systems do range in price but, here at Northwest Security, quality is not compromised by price so you can be certain that you are getting the highest quality for the lowest price.

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