Fighting back, with Smart Water

Northwest Security is proud to announce our latest line of defense

Represented in the UK, throughout Europe and North America, Smart Water is a crime-fighting, and crime preventing technology that has a record for detecting and deterring criminal activity – in both domestic and commercial settings.

The specialist Smart Water brand has created a wide range of proprietary traceable liquid products that each contain a unique forensic signature that invisibly stains anyone, or anything, that comes into contact with it; whether that be via a spray, a mist or a fog – there is no escaping a crime scene un-traced.

Smart Water technology has been independently assessed as a “Superbrand” for quality and reliability three years in a row, and it only requires a tiny speck of the traceable liquid to link a criminal back to the scene of a crime. Because of this, Smart Water is a criminals’ nemesis, with criminals themselves viewing it as a genuine threat to their activity. Furthermore, Smart Water is now being consistently used and introduced into police forces and private security defenses across Britain.

Already, Smart Water has aided hundreds of criminal convictions ranging from robbery and armed burglary to metal theft and illegal trafficking of endangered species.

In 2016, smart water was piloted at over 300 ATMs, and after a successful trial that resulted in a 90% crime rate reduction, the smart water is now being rolled out to protect every Co-Op Food ATM across the UK. And, a huge rollout of the traceable liquid is underway in partnership with the Metropolitan Police at New Scotland Yard, London.

However, Smart water isn’t just for commercial protection. Currently, over 440,000 homes in the UK are in the process of being protected – so why don’t you join that figure?

Get in touch with Northwest Security and find out how we can help you fight back, with Smart Water.