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Novagard GA Technology explained
RISCO Group’s unique GA technology provides intelligent remote configuration & diagnostics of the sounder from RISCO Group’s 800, 595, 490 and CPX Control Panels and from the Remote Software.

  • 2 selectable sounder tones
  • 4 selectable LED flashing sequences
  • Remote diagnostics of Hold-off voltage, Charge voltage and Battery voltage off-charge
  • Sounder automatically switches to Engineer maintenance mode, when Control Panel switches to Engineer mode
  • Up to 2 Sounders connected in Series

Operation in the event of A/C mains failure
During normal operation, the strobe flashes once per second and sounder cut-off time is 15 minutes. However, if an alarm is triggered during AC mains failure the strobe flash rate is reduced to once every 5 seconds along with a reduced sounder cut-off time of 5 minutes, to conserve backup battery