Pet friendly CommPact

 A highly cost-effective security system which boasts a professional level of security and offers a wider range of features in comparison to a standard alarm system.  

The latest Risco product features a fully wireless, Wi-Fi enabled system  that offers a quick and easy installation in any location with just a one button, automatic configuration, meaning less mess and inconvenience  to you  when a member of our team comes to complete the install 

This is a complete solution for the home or business and the system also offers a wide range of accessories including motion, magnet, smoke and vibration detectors which all help to provide a whole new layer of security and safety. 


The CommPact system is nothing but a convenience and provides peace of mind for you and your family with the power to protect up to 36 zones! 

CommPact also features a market-leading Smartphone and web app which enables you to retain full control even when on the go, any country, anywhere, anytime. 

There is also an optional live video verification and the system boasts live video on demand when using IP cameras and this new system is also pet friendly, meaning that the alarm can be set even with your beloved pets about!  


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