IP Module LightSYS2, Agility 4 & ProSYS Plus

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The TCP/IP Module can be used to connect the panel to the RISCO Cloud and to the iRisco App.

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Plug-In Multi-Socket TCP/IP Module to fit Agility4, LightSYS2 (V5.xx) and ProSYS Plus panels. This IP plugin module from Risco fits inside and is mounted on four plastic pillars.

Provides the following capabilities:

  • Physical Network Connection via CAT5 cable – supports DHCP or static IP
  • Can be utilised to communicate with an Alarm Receiving Centre by sending direct RISCO encrypted IP signals
  • Can be utilised to provide an incoming connection for RISCO configuration software (Upload/Download) via LAN or WAN
  • Can be utilised to provide access to a mail server (none SSL) in order to send emails for the panels “Follow Me” feature

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