LightSYS 2 50 zone RKP & proximity

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The Keypad is equipped with:

  • 3 Emergency key zones (Panic, Fire & Emergency)
  • The ability to produce a duress (Ambus) code
  • Builtin Proximity tag reader to set and unset the alarm without a code
  • Double tamper protection (Box and wall)
  • Internal buzzer
  • Audible feedback for keypad operations.
  • Easy to use hotkey sequences for simple zone omitting
  • 1 key Quick set features for Part-set and sull Set

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Graphic LCD Keypad with proximity reader, specifically for the 50 Zone LightSYS 2.

The Risco Remote Keypad (RKP) is a small compact wired remote keypad with builtin proximity reader. The wired keypad only works with the Risco LightSYS alarm panel.

The Risco LightSYS 2 alarm panel can support up to 4 keypads (Wired or Wireless). The Wired keypad utilizes the Risco BUS.

In a partitioned system, Keypads can be selectively assigned to specific partitions.