1 & 2 Way Vibration Detector -ELMULTISHOCK

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  • Power: 3.6V ½ AA Lithium Battery
  • Current Consumption: 25mA (transmission), 10µA (standby)
  • Antenna: Built-in Internal Whip
  • Transmitter Frequency: 868 or 433MHz FM

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The wireless vibration detector senses low-amplitude vibrations around vulnerable access points, setting off an alarm before an intruder has a chance to enter the premises. Sensitivity is adjusted to the local background noise during installation.

  • Transmissions: Alarm, Low Battery, Supervision
  • Alarm Delay During Normal Operation: Approximately 4 minutes
  • RFI Immunity: 40V/m
  • Operating Temperature: 0 – 60ºC
  • Dimensions: L-65mm x W-30mm x H-16mm

For SecuPlace, CommPact and iConnect systems only