Buy Cheap, You’ll End Up Buying Twice.

In our experience, a good proportion of our customers come to use our services either to upgrade their current CCTV or intruder alarm system or they come to us asking for our assistance in rectifying issues with their already installed system which have been caused by the previous installer. The point of explaining this is not to boast about our work, or to showcase the skills and adaptability of our team, and nor is it to boast about their attentiveness to detail either; we explain this to say that if you buy cheap, you’ll end up buying twice.

We don’t mean that you’ll necessarily be buying a whole new security system, but with the cost of replacement, parts, and re-installation – alongside the cost of the installers time – a small bill can soon rack up quickly, and that’s a bill that can be avoided if a little more money is invested in a quality security system in the first place.

Like many products and services, the higher the quality, the higher the chance that it will stand the test of time and work as it should for longer. However, we understand that not everybody has money to throw at a problem, and in most cases, a security system is purchased under emergency circumstances and there is no time to sit back and luxuriate in reading up the tech specs. But this is where choosing the right security company comes into play.

A good security company (like ourselves, we must say)  will be compassionate and understanding of the circumstances of their customers. In an emergency rush, the customer is relying on the security provider to be knowledgeable and able to advise the best security system, while working with the customers budget in mind.

In some cases, however, the best security system is unfortunately out of budget. Most companies would say, well – that’s that then, goodbye. We, however, believe in offering competitive prices the best we can to ensure that we help you when you need us to. For example, because of our belief, we now offer a finance option on all of our security systems, and we offer maintenance packages too, so a high-quality service and system never leave you out of pocket.

But why do you need a high-quality security system?

There are many reasons for you to secure and protect your family, business and property; but the most common reason for a security installation is to protect against crime.

2018 was reported to have been the most dangerous year in recent memory, thanks to the so-called “Crime Wave” that spread across the United Kingdom, leaving violent disruptions, an increase in stabbings and gun crime in its wake.  And in 2019, the wave of crime hasn’t quite crashed as crime figures continue to rise, while Police officer numbers continue to decline, due to continuing financial cuts.

Now is better than never, when it comes to protecting yourself.


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