West Yorkshire Police Warn Against The Rise of ‘Sneak-in’ Burglaries

Officers in Leeds are warning residents of West Yorkshire to be alert and to protect their property by ensuring that all windows and doors are correctly locked. This comes after a spate of so-called ‘sneak in’ burglaries throughout Leeds.

In just one week, Sunday 28th July – Sunday 4th August, 100 reports of residential burglaries were made. Out of the 100, 45 of the offences were ‘sneak In’ burglaries after the offender gained access through either an unlocked door or window. In 38% of the 100 offences, a vehicle was stolen from the property.

Police Chief inspector Dan Wood suggests that the warm weather has entailed residents leaving their doors and windows unlocked and open, providing the perfect opportunity for to tempt a would-be criminal into committing a crime 

“Would be burglars will often look for the easiest way to get into a property, whether that’s through an open downstairs window or a patio door is left open.

“it’s important to make it as hard as possible for them to get into your property by ensuring doors and windows are locked”

To help keep your property safe and secure, West Yorkshire police advise the use of a chain on doors to avoid unwanted entry, as well as making sure that all valuables, such as car keys, mobile phones, and handbags, are not left in plain sight by windows.

It is also advised to consider installing audible warning systems, such as a security alarm with a perimeter protection function. External CCTV is also an advisable, and proven way of ensuring that would-be criminals are deterred from entering your property.

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