The Attractive Capability of Connectivity

When Technology and Home intertwine… 

 Life, for most people, is moderately mundane. It is busy and constant and it is not uncommon for important things, such as switching the landing light off, to fly right above our heads in the suddenly rushed moments that everyday life seemingly gifts us with each morning.  

 If you often find yourself thinking, in the midst of rushing out of the door, that you wish things could just get ‘done’ without all the fuss and hassle that these small, forgotten about, household duties often cause, then you are in luck; the modern era has provided a solution for us all; Home automation.  

 From sensible smart security such as home CCTV, smart door bells and home alarm systems, to the thrilling smart lighting, smart hoovers and hidden smart sound systems; the smarter your home the smarter your life becomes.  

 Picture it; you wake up in the morning. Outside the window isn’t a very inspiring sight, its grey, damp and dull.  Now you walk to the kitchen, straight past the smart vacuum that has just got to work in the hallway. As you walk past it, the overhead light gradually turns on. It isn’t dull and it doesn’t remind you of a bulb that needs replacing; it’s a soft bright glow that isn’t too glaring but is comfortingly bright. The central heating is already switched on, but it hasn’t cost you the earth because it hasn’t been on and off all night. You’re listening to the radio that’s just turned on at your touch of the glossy touch-pad situated on the wall. Just as you do that, the coffee machine simultaneously heats up and pours you your morning poison and now you’re sipping a nice steamy, hot mug of coffee in a warm, brightly lit room that is helping encourage the best start to your day.  

morning coffee

 Now stop picturing it. Think back to your own morning this morning and ponder on what could help make your morning a better morning.  

 Would it be a complete control system that would connect to devices such as a nest thermostat to help heat the house to your optimal temperature at the perfect price? Or how about some Phillips hue smart bulbs that can be scheduled to sync in with your alarm clock, giving you that realistic mimic of a natural awakening?  

 Whatever the desire may be, you can be almost certain that there is a smart home device out their that will be ready to help ease the little stresses of everyday life at the swipe, touch or scheduling of a button.  


So why not be smart and start your smart home journey here by discovering what Smart home device we here at Northwest Security can offer you.