How to Keep Your Home Protected – No Matter Where You Are This Summer

It’s almost time to fling open the windows, prop open the doors of your home and embrace the heat of the summer months. Perhaps you have a two week holiday abroad booked? Maybe you are opting for a staycation within the UK? Or, you might just fancy a few family days out instead? Whatever the situation, undoubtedly as your halfway down the road that awful feeling of having forgotten something will surly creep upon you…

Did the front door get locked? Has that window upstairs been shut? Did anyone turn that switch off?

We’ve all been in that moment and we’ve all felt that dreaded feeling. The car has been stopped and turned around only for us to find that we had locked the front door, we had shut that window and that switch? Well, it was turned off the whole time. This repetitive scenario is nothing but a waste of precious time. You’ve worked hard all year for this time of relaxation, and it needn’t be spoiled by niggling security concerns.

Here are 5 tips to keep your home protected – no matter where you are this summer.

1. Invest in a smart alarm.

One of the easiest ways to gain a piece of mind when it comes to your home security is to invest in a smart alarm. Over the past few years, the home security market has been flooded with a variety of smart alarm makes and models, and good quality ones are available from a typically low starting price.
The benefits of investing in a good quality smart alarm range from having complete control of the system at the tap of your smartphone – no matter where you are in the world you can check on the status of the alarm, see if zones have been set, etc. – to the ability of having a quick security response if the alarm is tripped. With certain models, routine timers can be set and pets can be recognised, so a loose cat won’t set the alarm off!

2. Don’t skimp on the door and window contacts

Once you have invested in a good quality security alarm, it’s time to take it to the next level and protect against the attempt of a break in. For this, you’ll want a splattering of door and window contacts spread throughout your home and connect them to your smart alarm. So, even if a potential criminal attempted to crack a window – you’ll know straight away and can deal with the issue straight away.

3. Have plenty of CCTV coverage

Alongside a good quality security alarm, it’s a smart idea to also invest in some smart CCTV. By today’s standards, most home CCTV systems are available to be viewed, controlled and operated on your smartphone, and some systems can be connected to your smart alarm too. The benefit of having this set up is that if the security alarm is triggered, certain CCTV systems can be programmed to take a snapshot or recording of the crime taking place. Otherwise, as standard, you can instantly and remotely view your CCTV cameras from your smartphone and record the crime from there – so you’ll have that vital evidence to prosecute in court with.

4. Switch to a smart heating

Once you have the perimeter of your home secured, it’s time to focus on the inside and making sure that all the electricals and the heating systems are kept in check while you are away. With a smart thermostat system, such as Nest, you’ll be able to view the status of the system and turn it off and on, etc. So, when you’re at the airport you don’t need to panic call your neighbor and ask them to save your heating bill.

5. Use smart plugs

While you’re away, it’s a good idea to try and keep your home looking as though your not away. And to do that, it’s best to replicate the aesthetics of your daily routine. For example, if you get home at 8 pm every day and always switch the lamp by the window on before going upstairs and turning the bedroom side lamp on, with a smart plug you can do just that and give the illusion that somebody is in your home. Ranging in price and conveniently available in most supermarkets, these simple and affordable add-ons can literally bring your security system to life – just don’t forget to let the relevant people know about your interior light show so they don’t panic call you or the Police.

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